Treasure Hunter

How do I get

Get Keys

Keys unlock chests in Treasure Hunter - chests unlock rewards!
Unlock Chests

Every chest contains an item of unique value, from common to rare
Get Rewards!

Get your hands on powerful items, Money, XP and more!


How do I get

Earned Keys

Keys can be earned through activities in-game, such as monster drops and quests
Daily Keys
Every free-to-play player receives 1 free daily key each day and donators double up and receive 2 every day!
Purchased Keys
You can top up on Keys any time, with a range of bundles available to purchase

Don't miss out - grab your keys and get hunting!

/kit daily [Non-Donors]
/kit dailydonor [Donors]
/warp crates to open use your keys
Top Voters of August
Thank you to all who have voted in the month of August! The top 10 voters will receive $250,000 on Survival and Skyblock and a $5 gift card which can be used on our store store.elkoy.co.uk.

1) Salty_Rinku: 143 Votes

2) Rolkin: 125 Votes

3) Miyno_: 90 Votes

4) electricAmarble: 79 Votes

5) samm4x: 74 Votes

6) bullen1999: 60 Votes

7) _Lud: 60 Votes

8) Gothic_Pixie22: 44 Votes

9) CloutisKing: 29 Votes

10) Jannnnnik: 28 Votes

You will receieve your gift card from me through /mail on the Survival Server. Gift Cards can be saved for multiple transactions and do not expire.

Thank you to all who have voted for Elkoy in the past few months and are supporting us.
1.13.2 Creative Release!
The time has come and we have finally released our Creative Server!

Some key features:
200x200 Plots
BuildBattle Minigame

Introducing BuildBattle
is a building styled minigame where players have to build something relevant to specified theme for a certain amount of time. Players can choose to play solo mode, or team mode to team up with other players or friends. When building time is over, all players will vote for the best build in the game. Player(s) with most vote points is(are) the winner(s)!

Ranking Up

There are 3 ranks you can purchase in-game. Each rank requires money earned from the BuildBattle Minigame.
First Rank: 10 Wins
Second Rank: 25 Wins
Third Rank: 50 Wins
These ranks give you access to extra plots.

More features will be added in the coming days!

Hope to see you there!
New Website & More
Hey everyone,

Today I'm posting a little bit of information on what we've been working on for Elkoy. As a whole, every web aspect of the network will be improved. We will be updating our store and forums even more within the coming months and making cool features for our awesome community.

Server Updates:

Creative - We are still in the progress of building our creative server. We are looking to release within this week if everything goes to plan.

Skyblock - We'd like the community to build this server for us. Tell us what you want and we'll get it done.

Survival - I personally will still be working on Survival as much as I can. I have a few more quests being released in the next few days. Again, I do need suggestions on what I need to add/improve.

We will be focusing on these servers for now and growing a playerbase for each. This means we will not be releasing anymore servers until we reach a certain playerbase.

Old Forums:

If you have submitted a staff application on the old forums, please copy and paste it over to the new so we can take another look.

About Us

Crafted from the ground up with tremendous attention to detail, optimisation, and stability. We guarantee a tremendous playing experience.

Support Us!

Whilst all core aspects of the server will always be freely available to all players, it requires an incredible amount of hard work to manage a server. Consider purchasing something from our Store to help with the development of the server! Visit our Shop